Best Conair Shower Head — Products from one of the Largest Corporations in the US

2016-10-11_112551Most showerhead brands specialize in producing a wide range of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Yet, there are also large companies working in different industries and making products of various categories. One of the most prosperous companies of this type in the US is Conair Corporation.

Conair is among the leading manufacturers on the market of small appliances and personal care products. It is a large corporation that was founded in 1959. Initially, the brand sold hair rollers and hair dryers. With years, the company’s specialization expanded considerably. Today, it is one of the largest manufacturers of hair care devices and appliances in the US. Moreover, the company is working in other industries. It is subdivided into multiple sub-brands and product divisions. Their produce includes several following lines of goods:

  • ffd11599b8ea67e484b1b04e57842603-1Hair care products include hair dryers, hot and hot air brushes, curling irons, wands, flat irons, specialty stylers, hot rollers, and hairbrushes.
  • Men’s grooming products include clippers, trimmers, and body groomers.
  • Personal health division comprises water jets, toothbrushes, scales, heating pads, massagers, foot baths, and sound therapy devices.
  • Skin care products include facial brushes, light therapy treatments, facial steamers, nail care and pedicure products, thermal moisturizers, and hair removal devices.
  • Home solutions division includes garment care products—fabric steamers, clothing irons, and garment care accessories; bath/shower products—showerheads, shower radios, and teak accessories like shower mats, seats, and benches; and lighted mirrors.
  • Travel division comprises adapters, electronics, travel appliances, luggage carts, and travel accessories.

Each of the product divisions includes products by several sub-brands. The most famous of them are Cuisinart, Waring, Rusk, Jheri, Redding, Babyliss, Scunci, Allegro, Interplak, TravelSmart, Conair Hospitality, Conair Pet, and Pollenex.

Despite such diversity of produce, Conair makes high-quality goods in each category. Just like all their products, Conair’s showerheads offer a perfect performance and come with an interesting design.

Top Five Best Conair Shower Heads

1. Pollenex Hand-Held 4-Setting ShowerheadPollenex Hand-Held 4-Setting Showerhead

This stylish and practical showerhead will enhance the design and functionality of any shower. It has an elegant design with a sleek shape and a brilliant white finish. It has a stylish faceplate with artfully situated spray nozzles and an easy-to-grab handle with an ergonomic design. The shape of the showerhead offers easy wide-angled adjustment.

The Pollenex handheld shower is multifunctional and comes with four spray patterns including massaging spray and a mist setting. This model comes with a brass insert that allows attaching it to a shower pipe. The unit is complemented with everything needed for installation including a hose and Teflon tape.

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2. Heavy Rain ShowerheadHeavy Rain Showerhead

This rain showerhead will create an unforgettable experience each time you will take a shower. It is extra-large to offer a full coverage. It is a single-function showerhead with just one spray setting. Its full spray coming out of 81 nozzles will create a perfect “heavy rain” sensation on your skin.

The Heavy Rain showerhead comes with a high water flow rate for an invigorating shower. Among its other advantages is the unique Microban Protection technology. The construction of the showerhead includes an antimicrobial additive that helps to prevent the development of harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew.

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3. Hand Held Shower HeadHand Held Shower Head

This showerhead combines many useful features. It comes with three spray settings: full body, heavy rain, and the combination of the two. Just like the previous model, it comes with the Microban Protection for utmost safety and an easy cleaning.

The design of this Hand Held showerhead also includes built-in LED lights. This high-tech feature offers an advanced showering experience, creating a special mood and allowing you to discover the advantages of chromatherapy. You won’t even need batteries to experience the advantages of the LED feature as it is powered by water.

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4. 5-Setting Handheld Showerhead5-Setting Handheld Showerhead

This showerhead is a wonderful option for those who want to create a comfortable and luxurious showering experience. It has been designed to offer the utmost convenience of use. It comes with an ergonomic design with a rubber handle for a soft non-slip grip.

As the name suggests, the 5-Setting showerhead comes with five spray settings: full body, dual massage, pulsating massage, full body/massage combination, and pause. The construction of this handheld shower comprises a tilt bracket with a ball joint so that you can direct the spray in any convenient direction.

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5. 3-Setting Combination Showerhead Set3-Setting Combination Showerhead Set

This is a combination of a handheld shower and a wall-mounted showerhead. The unit comes with a wall bracket to store the handheld shower and a shower arm to attach the showerhead. This model is complemented with a five-foot hose made of sturdy and durable PVC.

The 3-Setting Combination is equipped with a two-way diverter for switching between the showerhead and the handheld shower. It comes with three spray patterns: full body with a wide spray for a maximum coverage, jet massage for relieving sore muscles and relaxing the body, and the combination of two for joined benefits.

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