Shower and Bathtub Decals – Add Safety and Décor to Your Bathroom

Anyone wants their bathroom to be a place of style and comfort. Even better, if comfort and style are combined with safety. Safety is number one priority when it comes to the bathroom. That is why there are so many products aiming at increasing safety in the bathroom.

Best walk-in bathtubs will help people with mobility issues safely get into and out of the bathroom without the risk of falling. Shower stools, benches, and chairs are designed to help handicapped, elderly, and overweight people transfer into the bathroom. Shower grab bars are an excellent option for those who find it difficult to keep balance while showering. Best non-slip bath mats make the bottom of the bathtub skid-free, allowing you to bathe without fear.

Another product from the safety category is so-called bathtub decals. They serve the same purpose as bathtub mats – make the bathtub bottom non-slippery and eliminate the probability of falling to a minimum. Apart from that, they are a great element of décor that can enhance the design of the bathroom.

There are also shower door decals. Unlike bathtub decals, they do not belong to the category of safety products. They are used to make the overall look of the bathroom more interesting and bring a fresh accent into it. They are attached to the glass shower doors, giving them a unique look. Some shower decals are used to make shower doors non-transparent and offer some privacy.

Look through our reviews to find the best decals for bathtub and shower.

Top Three Best Shower Decals

1. Oval Mermaid Decal from WindowFilmAndDecalsOval Mermaid Decal from WindowFilmAndDecals

This decal will bring a marine charm into your bathroom. It will turn the simple glass door of your shower into an elegant element of décor. With this decal, the standard shower door will become the focal point of your bathroom. It comes in several sizes including 8 x 12, 10.5 x 16, 15 x 23, 21 x 33, and 26 x 41 inches.

The Oval Mermaid decal will give the glass door of your shower a rich look of etched glass. It can be easily applied to any smooth surface like glass or plastic. Apart from the glass doors, it can be used to decorate windows. The decal can be removed and reused if you decide to replace it or change the place where you put it.

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2. Egret & Cattails Decal from WindowFilmAndDecalsEgret & Cattails Decal from WindowFilmAndDecals

This is another decal with the look of etched glass that will give shower doors a unique and beautiful look. It will be a great option for those who like wildlife. It comes with an image of an egret standing by two bushes of cattails. This decal will bring the calmness and beauty of nature into your bathroom.

The Egret & Cattails decal is white on a clear background. Such a decision makes it look especially great on clear glass surfaces. This static cling decal is made of safe vinyl that has no adhesive surface – it sticks to glass and plastic surfaces thanks to the properties of the material.

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3. 3D Privacy Decal from Bloss3D Privacy Decal from Bloss

This decal will be a great option for those who want to have some privacy behind transparent glass shower doors. It comes with a non-adhesive self-cling surface that will simply stick to vertical surfaces and stay in place no matter what. This decal comes in rolls, 17.7 x 78.7 inches each.

The 3D Privacy decal from Bloss comes in three finish colors – Pebble, Lotus, and Squares. It is safe for the health as it is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly PVC vinyl. Apart from the privacy, this decal will give simple glass of the shower door a look of textured and stained glass.

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Top Three Best Bathtub Decals

1. Non Slip Bath Tub Decals from CoSopoNon Slip Bath Tub Decals from CoSopo

These bathtub decals have a beautiful marine design that will be especially appropriate in the bathroom. They come with several patterns including Ice, Blue Ice, Dolphin, Fish, and Sea. These decals are designed specifically for smooth surfaces such as the bathtub bottom.

These non-slip bathtub decals from CoSoppo will make bath time much safer. They are easy to install and do not require any adhesives – just stick the decals to the bottom of the bathroom when it is dry. Each package contains six non-slip tattoos, 5.11 x 5.11 inches each.

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2. Blue Whales Bathtub Safety Decals from CL GlobalBlue Whales Bathtub Safety Decals from CL Global

These safety decals will be an excellent choice for those who have kids. It sticks only to smooth textured, so it is not an option for those who have bathtubs with a textured bottom. This anti-skid bathtub applique will enhance the safety of your bathtub and freshen up the decor.

These bathtub safety decals from CL Global are easy to install – just peel and stick to the bottom of the bathtub. Apart from that, they are just as easy to clean. Each package includes five non-slip safety tattoos for the bathtub. Your kids will like the look of these cute blue whales.

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3. Select Safe-T-Shapes from Bathtub Decals from CompacSelect Safe-T-Shapes from Bathtub Decals from Compac

These beautifully shaped bathtub decals will add a special charm to your bathroom. They have a quite design and the shape of daisies. They are available in two sizes – small and large – and three finish colors – white, blue, and pink to match the color scheme of any bathroom.

The Safe-T-Shapes from Compac will help you make your bathtub fall-proof. These decorative and functional bath appliques stick great to smooth non-textured surfaces. Once you have attached them to the bottom of the bathtub, you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling. These bathtub decals stay in place no matter what.

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