Review of the Best Shower Head Filters for You

Showering is an essential part of the daily routine for all of us, unless, of course, you live in a cave, or your first and only name is Bigfoot. We shower to make sure we are clean and fresh for a new day, to go out on dates or to get rid of the grime, sweat, and dirt at the end of a long day at work or even after putting in a grueling shift at the gym. To some people, showering is therapeutic, helping them relax and let loose.

To improve the showering experience we invest in a myriad of accessories, including great-smelling shower gels,creams, and various other fittings and additions. The most important of these accessories is, of course, a shower head filter. Filters are products that utilize various water purification techniques to help improve the showering experience by cleaning ordinary shower water and turning it into higher quality pure water. Not only does it enhance the showering experience, but also eliminates pollutants from the water which are often harmful to our hair and skin.

shower_filter_cutawayThe process of looking for the perfect shower head filter that is suited to your needs can be a tedious and exhausting affair. For this reason, we have tried to make that process easier and much more fun by taking a look at the popular products that are recognized by most customers.

Shower Head Filter Benefits

It may sound cheesy, but a shower head filter can make you a healthier person. Really, think of all those contaminants the water in your shower contains. Chlorine, arsenic, heavy metals are just a few from the list. There’s no need to tell you how harmful they are.

Moreover, when you take a hot shower, the pores of your skin open up. As a result, the absorbing capacity of your skin increases. And, when your shower water is not free from contaminants, you get even more harm from your health in case of a longtime exposure.2017-05-11_091942

A shower head filter can save you and your family from all the health problems that can be caused by impurities in the water. Apart from that, this useful device can offer such benefits:

  • It kills any pathogenic bacteria in your showerhead. We all know that the bathroom, with its high humidity and poor airflow, is a ripe area for harmful microorganisms. And many of them reside in showerheads. A filter can protect you from them and all the possible health issues they might cause.
  • With a water filter, your skin will look much younger and healthier. Chlorine makes skin and hair lose moisture. As a result, they become dry, not moisturized, after a shower. The hair becomes frizzy and breaks easily, and the skin gets irritated and scaly. Apart from that, chlorine may cause premature aging. That is a weighty reason for installing a shower head filter, especially for ladies.
  • When we shower, we absorb more chlorine by inhaling that directly through the skin. And that may have critical effects on our respiratory health. Kids are especially susceptible to this impact. Washing with chlorinated water can even cause asthma. It is also a great concern with chlorinated pools . If nothing can be done with public pools, the situation with your shower can be changed quickly and easily – simply by installing a shower head filter.

How to Choose a Shower Head Filter

2017-05-11_091907Choosing a shower head filter is a responsible task, as it will affect the health of your whole family. You should pay attention to a few factors:

Type of filtration system. The most standard water filters use carbon as a filtrating agent. However, carbon is not very efficient when there is a need to rid the water of chlorine. KDF and Vitamin C do a much better job at this.

Cartridge life. If you do not want to change the cartridge every few weeks, look for a good filter with long-lasting cartridges. Some of them need replacing about every six months.

Ease of installation. Before purchasing a filter, make sure that you understand how to attach it to your existing showerhead. The process should be quick, easy, and cause no trouble at all.

The Top 5 Best Shower Filters 2018

5. Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury Shower Filter

Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury Shower FilterTo begin with, let’s take a look at the Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury Shower. This filter uses a carbon filter cartridge to make the water clean and soft. It is a high-quality water filtration system that is eco-friendly and removes heavy metals and chlorine from your shower water. It also efficiently eliminates bacteria and microorganisms that cause the growth of mold and fungi in your shower. The great thing is that it does all this without sacrificing water pressure.
The Aqua Elegante also comes in an easy “twist-on” design with clear, step-by-step instructions making it a walk in the park to install.
How does it accomplish all this, you ask? Simply: by having a very efficient filter media called the KDF-55.
Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury Shower FilterWithout going into the nerdy technicalities, the KDF-55 eliminates a bunch of dangerous water contaminants including herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals (lead and mercury), and a host of other impurities.

All this is packaged in a light and attractive shower head filter that comes with a “6 month or your money back” guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product; so be sure to pay attention to whether your shower experience improves.

Find out the shipping and consumer’s info here!

4. The Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System

The Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification SystemAnother showerhead filter that is recognized by customers is the Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System. This is a water purification system that uses a two-part process to eliminate synthetic chemicals and heavy metals from your shower water. This results in higher quality, pH balanced water which is healthier for your skin and hair.

Customer reviews, especially on Amazon, noted that showering under the Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System considerably improved the shine and texture of their hair. They attributed this to the filter’s ability to remove all the elements that made the water hard, resulting in softer water that felt better on the skin and was kinder to their hair. Some customers noted that this particular shower head filter was recommended to them by five-star salons in their city.

We recommend the Jonathan Product Beauty water shower purification system for people who live in areas that have very hard water which ruins hair texture and shine.

Find out the shipping and consumer’s info here!

3. The New Wave Enviro Shower Filter System

The New Wave Enviro Shower Filter SystemThe New Wave Enviro Shower Filter System is another showerhead that uses the patented KDF-55 carbon filtration system. By now you have realized that the KDF-55’s activated carbon purification process is a favorite among shower head systems that aim to eliminate chlorine and those toxic heavy metals from your shower water.

This is a “one size fits all” for standard showers and requires no special tools or for you to change the plumbing when installing. A nifty feature of this product is that the manufacturers allow you to register the filter and remind you when you are due for a changing. We found that to be really clever and convenient; especially for those who tend to forget when to replace things around the house until it is too late.

A satisfied customer on Amazon recommended this shower head for people that suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Atopic Dermatitis.

Find out the shipping and consumer’s info here!

2. The Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal Shower Filter and 3 Setting Shower Head

The Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal Shower Filter and 3 Setting Shower HeadThis is one product that offers a multiple setting high output massaging option. The name can be quite a mouthful, so we shortened it to simply the Sprite Universal. Unlike most of the other products, this one uses the patented Chlorgon non-carbon filter to efficiently eliminate chlorine from the water in your home for better quality water.

The Sprite Universal is also easy to install, easy to operate, reliable and with high structural integrity. This is also one of the few showerhead accessories that offers the “reversible filter cartridge” option. This simply means that you take a few seconds to open up the filter’s housing and flip the cartridge around, so as to maintain the freshness of the cartridge.

Customers recognized the Sprite Universal for its relatively smaller size compared to other products in its class available on the market. As well liked by the customers as this particular shower head filter is, it was discontinued by the manufacturer.

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1.Vitamin C Filter Shower Assembly from Sonaki

This product is unique in its functional features. It will be a perfect choice for those who care about their health. This innovative Vitamin C filter makes the water much cleaner and softer. Besides, the filter enriches the water with Vitamin C that gets absorbed by your skin, offering multiple health benefits. A sturdy design with brass and durable resin will ensure a fault-free performance for many years.

With the Vitamin C shower assembly from Sonaki, you will say farewell to all the health problems caused by chlorine getting absorbed by your skin. You will forget about skin problems, eye irritations, and respiratory system symptoms. This filter will work with your existing showerhead – just attach it to the shower arm and the showerhead, and the job is done. You will get extra health benefits each time you take a shower.

Find out the shipping and consumer’s info here!


Going by the customer reviews and the product specifications, choosing a shower head filter from among the five above might prove a bit tricky. Our two favorites were the Cedar and Citrus spa water softener and the Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury Shower Filter. Their mix of quality, ease of installation and the end product were strong selling points. However, the Cedar and Citrus spa water softener beats the Aqua Elegante in how long the cartridge lasts. We hope that you pay attention to all the details before making the best decision that suits your needs.

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