Shower Timers – Gadgets That Help You Conserve Water

Who does not like standing under the relaxing streams of water coming down from the showerhead? It is so enjoyable that sometimes we lose the track of time completely. That can result in long showers with a lot of water wasted. Some people take 30 minutes or even more in the shower ⏰, which can require from 70 to over 100 gallons, depending on the water pressure and the efficiency of the showerhead.

It is time to change that situation. A shower clock will help you with that.

Are Long Showers a Necessity?

Long hot showers are very pleasant and relaxing, without doubt. However, large water bills are far less enjoyable. If you decrease your shower duration by just one minute, it will help you save $15-50 per person by cutting your water, sewer, and electricity spendings.

By cutting shower time, you will also contribute to solving the ecological situation on the planet. Fresh water is becoming scares, and, if nothing is done about it, the Earth will soon change inevitably from the Green Planet we know it to be to a dead land. Each of us can take such small steps as decreasing shower duration and limiting it to no more than five minutes to make a difference.

Let’s look at showering from the practical point of view. Its main purpose is to get clean. It is unlikely that some of people can get so dirty that it will take them 30 minutes to wash it all away. Five minutes are more than enough to wash off a day’s worth of sweat and dirt.

If a long hot shower is a way to relax for you, you should try to find a more eco-friendly alternative. You can try taking a walk in a beautiful park. If you do not want to go outside after a day at work, you might try practicing yoga. It has many techniques that can help you relax in any situation. You can also use the benefits of aromatherapy by lighting an incense burner with one of the calming or refreshing essential oils.

Tips on How to Take Shorter Showers

  • save-waterTry decreasing the temperature of the water so that it is just comfortably warm and not as soothing as hot water. You will not have to linger in the shower when the water is not as hot.
  • Plug the shower drain. It is unlikely that you’ll still want to have a long shower with water rising up your ankles.
  • Turn off the water heater off before starting showering. This way, you will probably leave the shower as soon as the hot water runs out.
  • Keep all the shower essentials close at hand. The best shower caddy can help you with that.
  • Get a shower clock or timer that will help you keep track of time.

How to Save Water in the Shower

  • Turn off the water when you are lathering the body, washing the hair, or shaving.
  • Install a low-flow shower head.
  • Shower with your partner – this way, you will use much less water than if showering separately.

Top Five Best Shower Clocks

1. The Shower Saver from Green Starts HereThe Shower Saver from Green Starts Here

This is one of the best shower timers available on the market today. This digital model has a lot of interesting and handy features. It turns on automatically when you start showering and turns off when you leave the shower enclosure. It comes with a large display that shows the time you have spent in the bathroom and the amount of water you have already used.

The Shower Saver from Green Starts Here is easy to install and operate. You can customize the unit by setting the desired shower time and water usage goals. The unit comes with rechargeable batteries that will allow you many years of use. With this product, you will save money and contribute to saving the planet. If you have kids, this shower timer with a virtual water-level will help you to educate them about the importance of water conservation.

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2. LCD Bathroom Shower Clock from HITOLCD Bathroom Shower Clock from HITO

This shower clock is stylish in its simplicity. It is a great choice for those who want to get a durable and reliable unit with a minimalist design. This model is rather compact; its dimensions are 6.8 x 6.8 x 3 inches. The device is easy to setup. It requires one AA battery to work. Please note that this clock comes without the alarm function.

The LCD Bathroom Shower Clock from HITO can offer three installation modes – suction cup, hanging hole, and table stand. This allows using it both in the shower and on the bathroom wall or a vanity countertop. This model displays time, date, week, and temperature.

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3. Pro Splash’n’Drop Digital Timer from Taylor Precision ProductsPro Splash’n’Drop Digital Timer from Taylor Precision Products

This timer can have multiple places of application, not just the shower. Thanks to its waterproof design, it can be used in the shower, outdoors in the rain, and even underwater. Apart from water-resistance, this durable clock can boast impact resistance up to 4 feet and heat resistance up to 167 °F.

With the Splash’n’Drop Digital Timer from Taylor Precision Product, you will keep track of time in even the harshest conditions. It has a 0.8-inch LCD display with large numbers that allows seeing the time easily. You can hang it above the showerhead, and the numbers will still be easily discernible thanks to the blue backlights.

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4. Forma Suction Clock for Bathroom from InterDesignForma Suction Clock for Bathroom from InterDesign

This is a great option for those who prefer mechanical clocks to digital ones. Its classic round frame and large numbers give the clock a retro look. Its design is attractive in its minimalism. Black numbers on a white background in a stainless steel frame with a beautiful brushed finish. The hour and minute hands are black, and the second hand is bright yellow.

The Forma Suction Clock for Bathroom from InterDesign is perfect for showers and bathrooms thanks to its water resistance. It comes with suction cups that allow attaching it to most kinds of bathroom surfaces, including tile, glass, fiberglass, and some metals. Please note that this clock can adhere only to smooth non-porous surfaces. It comes with a battery included.

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5. 5 Minute Shower Coach from Niagara5 Minute Shower Coach from Niagara

This model is an excellent choice for those who like the look of hourglasses. It times exactly five minutes, helping you to change your habits and start taking shorter showers. Just like an actual coach, it will train you to follow the rules of water conservation. With this handy timer, you will know when it is time to finish showering.

The 5 Minute Shower Coach from Niagara has a safe and durable design. Its high-impact ABS body is break resistant, so you don’t need to worry if it falls accidentally. Although, that is unlikely, as it comes with s large suction cup that perfectly adheres to glass and tile, and will keep the timer securely in place.

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