Speakman Shower Head Reviews – Top 5 Best Shower Heads

speakman_logo[1]A showerhead is an essential fixture for any shower. It is connected to the plumbing and directs the water through the nozzles to offer an enjoyable showering experience. Shower heads exist in various categories depending on their mode of performance and the materials they are made of. There is a wide range of shower heads. However, the choice of a shower head entirely depends on an individual’s preference and the place where the shower head is to be used. This article focuses mainly on the Speakman shower heads. When it comes to showerheads, Speakman is a reliable brand with a good reputation. The best Speakman shower heads include the following:

Speakman S-2005-HB-BN Hotel Anystream Adjustable Shower Head

Speakman S-2005-HB-BN Hotel Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower HeadThis shower head is especially popular in resorts and hotels. It is made of a lightweight Speakman engineering plastic and is approximately five inches in diameter. Moreover, it is designed with the following features and specifications:


  • It has a belled casing with a flared lip.
  • Brass components.
  • A nickel finish gives the shower a spectacular appearance and also helps to resist abrasion and corrosion.


  • Designed with five adjustable jets producing 50 individual streams and 8 pulsating massage sprays.
  • Lightweight Speakman engineered plastic.
  • 5 gpm flow control.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles.
  • Consistent and powerful spray performance even under low water pressure.
  • This Speakman shower head guarantees a limited lifetime warranty.

Spray Technology

This shower head is designed with Anystream 360-degree spray technology Nozzle system

It has a plunger nozzle system that controls eight jets of pulsating massage water sprays and five adjustable jets individually producing 50 streams. This nozzle system facilitates the therapeutic feeling due to the soothing of the gentle streams of water. The nozzle is also designed with a unique self- cleansing technology thus preventing blockage.

Rate of Water flow

The rate of the water flowing from the shower head is 2 gallons in one minute. This rate is very economical due to the minimal water loss.

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Speakman S-2252 Icon Adjustable Shower Head

Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower HeadThis Speakman shower head is one of the best shower heads currently available on the market. It comes for a relatively affordable price. The Speakman S-2252 Icon Adjustable Shower Head is designed with the following features and specifications:


It comes with a unique color, polished chrome.

Measures 4 by 2.8 by 4 inches It weighs 1.2 pounds Made of brass Lifetime warranty.


  1. This shower head is equipped with Speakman plunger system and self-cleaning nozzles.
  2. Constant water flows rate.
  3. Designed with six adjustable water jets
  4. Assured durability and longevity.
  5. Powerful spray performance
  6. It is designed with Anystream 360-degrees technology

Nozzle system

The Icon Anystream shower head is designed with six adjustable jets and 48 water streams. This nozzle design enables water to spread in most parts of the body.

Adjustable Anystream Technology

The Speakman shower heads come with the unique 360 degrees Anystream Technology. This facilitates versatile performance of the shower head.


This Icon shower head is made of solid brass. This not only provides an aesthetic value in the shower but also increase durability and longevity of the shower head.

Plunger system

The plunger system of this Speakman S-2252 Icon Adjustable Shower Head is designed in a way that enhances maximum water- body coverage. Even under low pressure, the shower head performs perfectly well.

Water flow rate

The water flows from the shower head at a rate of 2 gallons per minute. This is both water effective and also provides enough pressure for effective bathing and relaxation.

Easy installation

It doesn’t require an expert to install the Icon Anystream shower head.

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Speakman Anvstream Neo Shower Head

Speakman S-3010 Anystream Neo ShowerheadThis shower head has the following feature and specification:

  • It weighs 0.1 pounds.
  • Measures 3.6 by 4.8 by 3.6 inches.
  • Polished chrome in color.
  • Made of plastic.
  • Constructed with Anystream 360A technology.
  • It has five adjustable jets each producing 50 streams and 12 pulsating massage sprays.
  • Designed with lightweight Speakman engineered plastic.
  • Water flow controls 2.5 gpm.

It also comes with accessories such as faucets, tub spouts, valves, and trims.

General simple design and sophisticated engineering.

This showerhead is designed in a simple way, however, with the most sophisticated engineering. This enhances the luxury of the bathing experience. Also, the Speakman plunger system is the crucial explanation to the consistent pressure of the jets.

Maximum body coverage sprays Jets

The Neo High-Pressure Shower Head is designed with the ability to provide total coverage. The sprays are of considerably enough pressure such that they bring a soothing effect. The five spray jets allow 40 sprays to soak every part of the body. Moreover, the 12 center sprays released the body of pain due to their pulsating effect.

Easy installation and maintenance

The installation of this showerhead can only take a few minutes. It is made of plastic thus maintenance is limited. Also, the construction material assures the durability and longevity of the shower head.

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Speakman S-2222-HS-CP-I Heavenly Anystream 360 Dual Shower Head

Speakman S-2222-HS-CP-I Heavenly Anystream 360 Dual Shower HeadThis showerhead is commonly found in the hotels. It weighs 3 pounds with the dimensions, 22.5 by 20.1 by 4.3 inches.


  • Two any stream shower heads
  • It has eight center pulsating massage jets
  • The spray adjusting side handle
  • Flow rate of 2.5-gpm
  • Designed with a shut-off button.

The shower heads are capable of releasing 50 sprays each. This feature facilitates the provision of a great massaging sensation of the sprays. The Heavenly shower head is designed in a way that makes cleaning it quick and efficient.

The Speakman’s shower head comes with a guaranteed security against defects, leakages, and dripping. Most of the Speakman shower heads are affordable and come for a low price.

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