Best Plants for Bathroom – Bring a Natural Charm into Your Bathroom

2017-03-23_143654We visit bathroom several times a day. It is the first place we go to after waking up. No wonder, we all want our bathrooms to be stylish and cozy, as this room affects our mood greatly. When we enter the bathroom first thing in the morning, its atmosphere sets up our mood for the day ahead. That is why the design of the bathroom is so important.

Each of us tries to make our best when it comes to decorating the bathroom. We choose the best finish for floor and walls, the best lighting fixtures, the best plumbing fixtures and bathroom furniture. Accessories also help create a harmonious bathroom interior.

However, there is something we often overlook when we think about bathroom décor. Indoor plants.Devil’s Ivy

Very few of us think of indoor plants as of a suitable element of bathroom décor. That is where we make a large mistake. Plants are a great thing when it comes to the bathroom. Not only will they give your bathroom a fresh and green look, but will offer some other benefits.

Look through our useful tips to find out about the advantages of indoor plants and choose the best bathroom plants that will make the décor look better than ever.

Advantages of Plants in the Bathroom

  • Plants are a number one necessity in closed spaces. They help create a certain microclimate. They absorb toxins and carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, and kill bacteria, making the humid bathroom environment healthier and much more pleasant.
  • Snake PlantPlants can help deodorize the air in the bathroom. This makes them a great natural alternative to bathroom air fresheners. Get a few plants, open the window more often, and there will be no need for an air freshener.
  • Plants have been proven to affect us emotionally, decrease stress levels and improve our mood. That is why they are especially recommended in workplaces. According to Feng Shui, plants can balance energy in the house. Apart from that, they make the room more beautiful, pleasing the eye and making us feel happier.
  • Plants can be used to bring some color into the bathroom. It is a well-known fact that colors affect our mind. Most indoor plants have green parts. This color has a calming nature. Put more plants in the bathroom, and you will get a relaxing and restorative experience each time you visit the room.

You can read more about air-purifying and mood-enhancing abilities of indoor plants on the One Green Planet website.

What are the Best Plants for Bathroom?

Not all plants can grow in a dark, warm, and humid bathroom environment. To thrive in the bathroom, a plant should be heat and moisture-loving. It should also be able to grow in the lack of light. Thankfully, there are tropic plants that feel great in such conditions. They are an especially nice option for windowless bathrooms. If your bathroom has windows, you have a wider choice of the best indoor plants for the bathroom.2017-03-23_143237

Best Plants for Bathroom with no Windows

Bathroom Plants Maintenance Tips

  • LED lightsFind a nice spot where to put plants. Large plants will feel great on the floor. Smaller plants can be placed on the windowsill or the bathroom vanity. If you have a small bathroom with no place for plants at all, you might consider adding a wall-hung shelf to the interior.
  • Make sure that splashes from the sink and the bathtub do not get onto the plants. It will be best to place them further from any faucets.
  • Be careful with watering. Don’t overdo it. The air in the bathroom is humid, so plants placed in the bathroom need much less water than plants placed elsewhere in the bathroom.
  • If your bathroom has no windows, consider adding an economical source of artificial light. LED lights are the best choice for that. They are often used in greenhouses.
  • It is best to keep all the bathroom chemicals away from the plants. Direct contact with bath and body products can harm them. If toothpaste or soap accidentally get onto the leaves, rinse them thoroughly with fresh water.
  • Open the window in the bathroom at least for a few minutes several times a day. If there are no windows, carry the plants on the balcony or outside once a week. It will do them good to have some fresh air once in a while.


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