Best Bathroom Colors – Best Colors To Paint A Bathroom

2017-04-14_102948When it comes to decorating the bathroom, every detail matters. We choose every element of the décor meticulously to create a harmonious design that will delight the eye of every person who enters the bathroom. Apart from that, the room should have a cozy atmosphere. A good bathroom design is very important, as it will affect your mood several times a day.

Choosing all the matching décor elements to create a harmonious look can take a lot of time and effort. Floor and wall finishes should match perfectly, as well as the other components of the bathroom. A perfect integrity of design can be achieved only if all the fixtures and bits of bathroom furniture complement each other in style and colors.

Speaking of colors, it is also necessary to choose the ideal color palette for the bathroom. When it comes to combining colors, there is a great variety of choices. You can make your bathroom monochrome or choose one main color with a few accents. Two colors may come as equals in a duet. If you like fresh and bright decisions, you might consider bringing more than two colors into your bathroom. Without losing the sense of proportion, of course.

In our society, there is a certain stereotype that bathroom should be decorated only in neutral light colors, such as white, beige, ivory, or blue. Of course, these colors look great in the bathroom. That is especially true for modest-sized bathrooms, as light hues create an illusion of more space. However, bathroom colors should not be limited to soft pastel colors. It is time to break that pattern.

Look through our tips to find the best bathroom colors and find out what are the best color matches.

How Colors Affect Our Mood

It has been known for decades now that colors affect our mood, can bring certain feelings and emotions and call forth memories. There is even a science that studies how different colors can alter our minds. It is called color psychology. Let us have a closer look at that theory.

2017-04-14_113026Blue is associated with serenity, intelligence, and protection. It has been proven to help students in the process of studying, as it boosts understanding and memory retention. However, too much blue can make the room feel cold and unfriendly. This color is perfect for bedrooms and offices.

2017-04-14_113039Green is the color of nature, balance, and wealth. It has a calming nature and can help restore after hard work. However, this color has a downside. Too much green in the room can make you lazy, slow, moody, or even depressed. Green is a perfect color for bedrooms.

2017-04-14_113045Yellow represents energy, happiness, and attention. It can help you feel confident. It also awakens optimism. However, too much yellow can make you feel distressed, that is why it is best not to use it in interiors where you rest – bedrooms and lounges. Yellow works best in bathrooms and kitchens.

2017-04-14_113100Orange is associated with reassurance and warmth. This energetic color is often used in gyms. It has a motivational nature that makes people get up and move. This color helps people become social. That is why it is also used in interiors of the most “social” rooms – living rooms and dining rooms.

2017-04-14_113109Red color is represents passion and optimism. It makes us feel adventurous. If you wish to create a romantic atmosphere in the room, red is just what you need. However, too much red can call forth the feeling of danger. It can also make you feel aggressive. That is why it is best not to overuse it. Red is perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms.

2017-04-14_113117Pink is a calm color that is associated with sweets and love. That is why it is used excessively on St. Valentine’s Day. Pink makes people nice and kind. This color helps suppress anger and violence. However, too much pink in the interior can make you feel immature and powerless. Pink is a great choice for bedrooms.

2017-04-14_113129Lilac makes us feel creative and awakens a spiritual mood. It is often associated with mystery and magic. It can be used to create a meditative state of mind. Lilac is perfect for environments where you practice yoga, meditate, pray, or perform other rituals, as this color helps strengthen the connection between the earth and the sky, between the body and the spirit. However, lilac and purple hues in high concentrations can make us feel depressed and desperate. Lilac works best with bedrooms and bathrooms.

Creating a Bathroom Palette

2017-04-14_104512To create a bathroom where all the colors are balanced and complement each other, follow three simple steps:

Choose the style. If you are remodeling a master bathroom, you can choose any style you like. In case you are working on a small bathroom that is linked to the bedroom, it will be best if the two rooms have the same style and corresponding designs. There should be no sharp contrasts or unnecessary accents.

Decide on the number of colors. Do you want a monochrome bathroom? Or, perhaps, you prefer a bathroom where several colors combine in a harmonious unity? If you choose monochrome, then you can play with the hues of the same color to make the bathroom look more interesting. If you decide to combine several colors, three is the most optimal number approved by most interior designers.

Size matters. If you are a lucky owner of a large bathroom, you can choose virtually any colors you like – light or dark, bright or soft. However, if your bathroom is small, you should be more careful in choosing hues for the interior. Dark tones can make your bathroom look even smaller. That is why it is best to choose light neutral colors for floor and walls, as well as for plumbing fixtures and bathroom furniture.

The Best Bathroom Colors

Below is the list of colors that look best in the bathroom. They can be used as main colors.

  • blue
  • pale green
  • turquoise green
  • ivory
  • pearl gray
  • canary
  • lemon-yellow
  • rose pink
  • peach
  • terra cotta
  • sand
  • mauve
  • lavender

These are traditional bathroom colors that look great in an interior of any design. However, you can experiment with any colors you like. Lately, there have been a tendency to decorate bathrooms in bright colors. Such bathroom setups look fresh and interesting.

Choosing a color, you should also decide what atmosphere you wish to create. If coziness is the priority, choose different hues of green, yellow, and gray. If you want to feel energized when you enter the bathroom, red, pink, and yellow tones should prevail. If you wish to bring more light and create a feeling of freshness, consider choosing such colors as cream, peach, ivory, silver, blue, lavender, and turquoise.

In Addition

2017-04-14_105142Now that you have decided on the color scheme of your bathroom, it is time to think about choosing the best paint for bathroom. In our article, you can find the main information about the types of paint, their advantages and disadvantages. You can also read our detailed reviews that can help you find the best paint for your bathroom.

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