Best Toilet Plunger and Holder – Unclog Your Toilet Quickly and Easily

2017-02-06_121732If you have a toilet at home, then you have probably been in a situation when you opened the lid and realized that the toilet is blocked. If there are any unpleasant smells coming from the bowl or if the toilet does not flush properly, there is likely a blockage in the drainpipe. If it is not removed, the bowl will get filled with water up to the rims, and the odors will spread all around the house.

In case you have found yourself in a similar situation, there is no need to worry. Of course, you can call a plumber and let a professional do the job for you. However, if you are a handy person, you can unclog the toilet yourself. All you need for that are a little time and patience, and a toilet plunger.

Toilet plungers have a construction that is different from that sink plungers. They also have a cup-like head; however, there is a small rubber flap or flange at the bottom. It folds out from the inside of the plunger’s cup. This flap covers the toilet drain, creating a perfect suction that will help you remove blockages quickly and easily. Apart from the flanged models, there are accordion plungers. They are designed for tough clogs, as they allow pushing more water down the drain.

2017-02-06_123914Look through our guide and reviews to find the best toilet plunger that will help you remove blockages of any complexity. With the help of our handy tips, you will learn how to use a plunger to unclog a toilet in a most efficient way.

If you are interested in how to unclog a toilet without a plunger, look through our article. There you will find reviews on the best liquid plumber products and some advice on how to unclog the drain with the help of a homemade non-toxic cleaner.

How to Unclog a Toilet with a Plunger

Removing a toilet blockage can be easy and effortless if you know how to do it correctly. Hopefully, our guide will help you learn all the nuances of this process.

  • Cover the floor around the toilet with paper towels or newspapers. In case water splashes out of the bowl, they will absorb it and prevent it from spreading all over the bathroom.
  • Put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from germs.
  • Take a plunger. Make sure that you use a toilet plunger with a foldout flange at the bottom. This flange serves the purpose of forming a tight seal with the hole at the bottom of the bowl.
  • Place the plunger into the bowl and push it into the hole. Make sure that the head of the plunger covers the hole completely. The plunger must be covered with water in order to work effectively.
  • Start pumping the plunger over the hole. Start slowly and increase the speed at which you push and pull the plunger. Vigorous pushing will disturb the blockage and loosen it. Usually, it requires about twenty pulls and pushes to unclog a toilet.
  • Flush the toilet and use the water from the tank to wash the plunger. After that, make sure to clean the plunger with bleach or any other disinfectant of your choice. The force of the water will push the loosened blockage out of the drainpipe, unclogging your toilet.

Top Three Best Toilet Plungers

1. Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design from NeikoToilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design from Neiko

This plunger will help you remove toilet blockages better than any other model available on the market today. Its design comprises an aluminum handle and a rubber cup-shaped head. Thanks to the choice of material, the handle is rustproof and lightweight, which makes the plunger easy to operate.

This toilet plunger from Neiko has a patented all-angle design. It comes with a four-step graduated cup that will create a perfect suction with the drain hole. Such a graduation makes this plunger a perfect choice despite the diameter of the hole. Made of flexible and long-lasting rubber, it seals the drain from all angles and never gets stuck inside the bowl.

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2. Max Performance Plunger from KorkyMax Performance Plunger from Korky

This small plunger will do the job of unclogging your toilet just fine. Though black, it is made of rubber that leaves no marks, making sure that the bowl of your toilet will stay immaculate after you use the plunger. It is compatible with all toilets from American Standard, Kohler, Toto, and other brands.

The Max Performance plunger from Korky comes with a T-shaped handle. Thanks to its ergonomic design and an easy-grip shape, it is easy to handle. You can grab the handle and be sure that it will not slip out of your hand when you are pushing and pulling the plunger. Thanks to the reliable seal it creates, this plunger requires less effort to unclog a toilet.

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3. Master Plunger Shorty from G. T. Water ProductsMaster Plunger Shorty from G. T. Water Products

This accordion plunger will be a nice choice for those who want to eliminate plumbing blockages quickly and easily. This model is versatile and can be used not just in the toilet, but also on the other plumbing appliances around the house. Durable and easy to use, it will help you maintain your pipes clog-free without effort.

The Master Plunger Shorty plunger from G. T. Water Production has a textured handle for a firm grip. Thanks to its compact size, it is easy to use and store. Perfect for toilets, sinks, and shower drains, this is one of the most affordable plungers on sale. That makes it the best choice for the money.

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In Addition – Toilet Plunger HolderPlunger House from InterDesign

If you purchase a toilet plunger, you will need to find where to store it. Thankfully, this question has been answered for you. You can get a plunger holder to match your plunger. If you are unsure which one to choose, take a look at this Plunger House from InterDesign. Made of durable plastic, it comes in a white finish color that will match most bathroom setups. It will store the plunger when it is not in use and hide it from view. Another advantage you get by purchasing a plunger cover is clean floor – it keeps the plunger from leaving circles on your immaculate tile floor.

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