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2016-10-13_160837Today, more and more people begin to care about their health and do their best to lead a healthy lifestyle. One of the main factors that define our overall health is water. As our bodies contain up to 65% of water, the water we drink really influences our whole bodies. However, it is equally important to wash with clean water. Today, water in most US houses is contaminated by lead, arsenic, barium, chromium, mercury, and other common chemicals that decrease the quality of water greatly. The best way to avoid the harmful influence of these common contaminants is by installing a filtered showerhead.

Many brands specialize in producing filtered bathroom and kitchen fixtures in order to make water safe for anyone. Culligan is considered one of the best when it comes to water filtration systems. Another brand that produces showerheads with integrated water filters is Sprite.

Sprite Company was created four decades ago. Today, it is a well-known manufacturer of water instruments, electronic water instrumentation, water filters, and other filtration products. Their first non-carbon shower filter, the Shower-Mite, was invented in 1897. Today, their line of shower filters includes more than ten models.

Sprite Filter Technology

Sprite’s water filters come with a unique technology. Apart from other popular filters, they do not include carbon. Instead, they use Chlorgon, a type of Redox filtration media. It is composed of Copper, Zinc, and Calcium Sulfide. Thanks to a Redox reaction, Chlorgon transforms free chlorine and some combined chlorines from the water into harmless chloride salt.

Thanks to this technology, filters from Sprite have multiple advantages compared to carbon water filters. Here are just a few of them:

  • sprite-industries-sr-whm-2-lCarbon filters are efficient only with cold water and lose their effectiveness as the water temperature rises. With Chlorgon filters, the hotter the water is, the better they remove contaminants from it.
  • Installing a showerhead with an integrated filter usually results in reduced water flow. Filters from Sprite do not interfere with water flow and allow you to enjoy a full experience of an invigorating shower and clean water.
  • Carbon drinking water filters cannot purify large amounts of water. The maximum capability of standard models is somewhere between one and three gallons per day. Such a filter will have to be ten times larger in order to produce enough water to be used in the shower. Filters from Sprite can effortlessly remove chlorines, dirt, sediment, odor, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides, and more from your shower water.
  • In addition to their ability to remove most common contaminants from shower water, Chlorgon filtration media helps to balance water pH level. It is just as important to maintain good health and keep plumbing elements in a working condition. Water with a low pH is acidic and corrosive and can cause damage to metal piping. Water with a high pH is considered hard. It can decrease the condition of your skin and hair.

Top Three Best Shower Heads from Sprite

1. 7 Setting Hand Held Shower with Filter7 Setting Hand Held Shower with Filter

This handheld showerhead will be a nice complement to any shower. It comes with an ergonomic design to offer the highest level of comfort. With a sleek handle and a round faceplate, it looks quite stylish, too. The unit comes with anti-scalding spray tips for utter safety in the shower.

This model comes with a 72-inch metal hose, long enough to make showering comfortable for anyone. It is equipped with a cartridge filter to make the water clean, removing most common contaminants. The cartridge should be replaced every three months. With this showerhead, you can choose out of seven spray settings to discover the most satisfying showering experience.

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2. Cascade 5 Setting Filtered Shower HeadCascade 5 Setting Filtered Shower Head

This stylish and functional showerhead can become the focal point of any shower. It comes with a polished chrome finish, glossy and chic. With this model, you can choose out of five water action settings including massage to soothe sore muscles, ease the mind, and help you relax both physically and mentally.

The Cascade showerhead comes with a built-in filter that proves very helpful for making the water clean, removing sediment from it, and eliminating chlorine odor. This will come in handy in any household, as health should be everyone’s first priority.

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3. Hand Held Cascading Shower Head with FilterHand Held Cascading Shower Head with Filter

This unit is another combo of a showerhead and a shower filter. This model comes with an elegant design and a shiny finish. This handheld showerhead comes with a versatile design that makes it a nice match for any bathroom décor, from classic to modern.

This cascading showerhead is NSF certified so you can be sure that it meets all the standards for public health protection. Like the other models from Sprite, it comes with a built-in filter. This set also includes a replacement cartridge, which is a nice extra. It can offer diverse showering sensations thanks to its five spray patterns.

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