Best Ana Bath Shower Head — Best Multifunctional Handheld Shower and Shower Head Combo Shower Systems

ana-bath-web-logoAna Bath is a relatively new brand in the plumbing industry. The team includes experienced professionals who have been in the job for more than twenty years. Their products meet or exceed European and American quality standards. Ana Bath’s output includes combo shower systems, handheld showers, LED showers, showerheads, shower sets, bathroom and kitchen faucets, and bathroom accessories.

Ana Bath team members do their best to offer stylish and functional fixtures that will upgrade your bathroom and kitchen. Although their line of kitchen products includes multiple useful and interesting products, the main accent of the company is on goods for the bathroom. Their main aim is to transform the strictly utilitarian bathrooms of the past into a place of high style and perfect performance. The company’s designers create unique projects that will turn your bathroom into a place of relaxation, your personal oasis where you can perform your everyday routine with great comfort.

On the market of shower fixtures, Ana Bath is known as a producer of high-quality hand showers, showerhead/handheld shower combo systems, shower sets, and rain showerheads. Some of their models come with built-in LED lights to create an unforgettable showering experience and offer various benefits of chromotherapy. All their showerheads are a perfect combination of high functionality, an attractive design, and a reasonable price.

Best Top Three Shower Head from Ana Bath

1. 5 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower System5 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower System

This functional combination of a handheld shower and a bracket-mounted showerhead. It comes with 2.31 gallons per minute flow rate, less than the WaterSense-approved standard. The unit comes with a water saving technology to help you conserve water and save some money. Both the showerhead and the wand come with five-inch faceplates with multiple spray nozzles to offer a perfect rainfall spray.

This model comes with five spray settings, full and combined: saturating spray, massage spray, bubbling spray, saturating spray/massage spray, saturating spray/bubbling spray. You can turn on both showerheads at the same time or use them individually. Apart from the showerhead and the handheld shower, the unit comprises a three-way diverter and a shower hose.

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2. 5 Function LED Handheld Shower and LED Showerhead Combo Shower System5 Function LED Handheld Shower and LED Showerhead Combo Shower System

This showerhead/handheld shower combo will upgrade your shower, as it is both stylish and functional at the same time. It will create a special mood in the shower thanks to its extra feature. Both the showerhead and the shower wand come with built-in LED lights. You do not need any batteries in order to use this handy feature—the LED lights are powered by water, which is very convenient.

The diameter of both showerheads is four inches, enough to create a comfortable showering experience. The unit is adjustable so that you can position the showerhead to your liking. Just like with the other combo shower systems from Ana Bath, you can choose out of three water supply modes: main showerhead only, handheld shower only, or both at the same time. It also comes with the same five functions as the previous model.

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3. 5 Function Handheld Shower System5 Function Handheld Shower System

This model will be a great choice for those who want to install a multifunction handheld shower. Made of high-quality materials, it comes with a sturdy and durable construction. The unit comes with a PDV coating for better corrosion resistance. It also results in a harder and smoother surface. This coating is environmentally friendly, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Apart from the shower wand itself, this shower system includes a shower hose made of stainless steel and a shower arm made of solid brass. Just like the other showerheads from Ana Bath, this unit can offer five standard spray patterns to offer multiple options for users. All the components of this shower system come with a stylish brushed nickel finish.

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