Vintage Shower Heads – Bring an Antique Charm to Your Bathroom

2017-03-22_142335When it comes to decorating the bathroom, we face a serious question – which style to choose? There are many styles to choose from – classic, modern, country, eclectic, marine, urban, and many more. Each of them has a unique charm to it. The choice should depend on your preference, as well as on the overall design of your house.

Once you have decided on the style, you face yet another question – where to find everything necessary to decorate your bathroom. Best tile for the walls and best paint for the walls, as well as some matching furniture and accessories – a bathroom vanity, vanity lights, a sink, a bathtub, shower curtains, and more.2017-03-22_144420

The next step is to choose plumbing fixtures that will complement the design of the bathroom. One of the most important features when it comes to the bathroom is a showerhead.

Showerheads come in many styles and finish colors. Vintage shower heads are some of the most attractive among all the models. They have a unique charm to it that will look especially great in a bathroom decorated in a classic, traditional, or antique design. They come in such chic finish colors as brass, polished brass, antique bronze, and some others. Look through our reviews to find a perfect vintage showerhead that will match the design of your bathroom.

Tips on How to Create a Vintage Bathroom

Looking for design ideas that will help you create a perfect vintage style in our bathroom? Then, our advice will come in quite handy.

  • When it comes to choosing the material of the toilet, bathtub, and sink, opt for porcelain. Porcelain fixtures have a timeless beauty and an old-fashioned charm to them, which makes them a perfect choice for a vintage bathroom. White finish is preferable.
  • Choosing the finish for the walls, look through all the possible variants. Tile is a classic option with vintage-styled bathroom. However, if you paint the walls with a pastel color or other colors from the vintage palette, the result will be just as attractive. Besides, there are amazing wallpapers with a retro design, which are waterproof and can be applied in the bathroom.
  • 2017-03-22_145508Consider bringing more light into the bathroom. A window in a retro frame with shutters will do the job just fine. Besides, they will allow adding another stylish element to the décor – curtains. For an antique look, choose between lace, floral patterns, and multi-layer curtains.
  • Choosing the complementing lighting fixtures is also critical for creating a harmonious look. You can choose from a variety of models with an antique design: close to ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, vanity lights, lamp shades, and more. You are sure to find something just to your taste.
  • Mirrors are a great idea for those who want to have an antique look. Apart from reflecting light and creating an illusion of more space, they will add a special vibe to the bathroom. You can hand mirrors over the sink or get a bathroom vanity with a mirror. If you are not on a budget, you might consider mirroring one of the walls or the ceiling – incomparable beauty.
  • Mosaics will also look great, both on the floor and on the walls. There are great mosaic tiles made of different materials – ceramic, glass, natural stone, manufactured stone, and more. It is best to choose small mosaic pieces for the walls and large for the floor.
  • A freestanding bathtub is just the thing for an antique look. You can choose a standard bathtub or a claw-foot Victorian-style model, which will become the focal point of the bathroom and bring even more integrity into its design.
  • You can also find vintage-styled bathroom accessories to add the finishing touches to your antique bathroom. A Fleur de Lys toilet paper holder, a vintage bathroom accessories set, a “Toilette” door sign, a vintage trash can, a non-slip mat and a shower curtain with a floral pattern will no doubt enhance the design of your bathroom.

Top Three Best Vintage Shower Heads

1. Bathroom Shower Faucet Set Shower Head + Hand Spray from RozinBathroom Shower Faucet Set Shower Head + Hand Spray from Rozin

This stylish shower faucet will become a great addition to a bathroom decorated in an antique design. It is available in three finish colors – antique brass, gold, and oil-rubbed bronze – to match the color-scheme of your bathroom. This wall-mounted unit can be installed both in a shower enclosure and as a part of shower/tub combo.

With this shower faucet from Rozin you will have an unforgettable showering experience that will make you feel as if you have traveled in time. Made of brass, this unit is perfect for a warm and humid bathroom environment. This unit includes a rain showerhead and a handheld shower for a versatile design.

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2. Vintage Tub and Shower Faucet from Kingston BrassVintage Tub and Shower Faucet from Kingston Brass

This vintage shower faucet has a durable design that will guarantee you a faultless performance for a lifetime. Available in four beautiful finish colors, it will complement any bathroom’s color scheme, light and dark, bright and pastel. You can choose out of bronze, polished brass, polished chrome, and satin nickel.

This tub and shower faucet from Kingston Brass is made of long-lasting and waterproof brass. This will make sure that neither the showerhead nor the diverter valve will get rusty, preventing leaks and other damages. The water flow rate of this model is two gallons per minute, meaning it can offer an invigorating shower without consuming too much water.

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3. Antique Style Rainfall Shower Head from HOMEDECAntique Style Rainfall Shower Head from HOMEDEC

This bell-shaped showerhead is just what you need for a perfectly styled vintage bathroom. Its six-inch wide faceplate offers a wide coverage so that you can get a full-body experience. Made of highest-quality brass, it has a durable construction to prevent rusting and leaks. The flexible construction allows adjusting the angle of the showerhead to match your height.

This antique-style showerhead from HOMEDEC is available in just one finish color, antique brass, which has an old world charm to it. This model features anti-clog nozzles that can offer easy cleaning. To remove any hard water stains and build-up, simply rub them with your hand or a cloth.

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