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2017-02-17_104152Today, there is a large variety of toilets that can meet the needs of different users. If you want an efficient toilet for your bathroom, you can choose one of the best flushing toilets. A portable toilet will be a real lifesaver for those who like outdoor recreational activities.

Composting toilet is another popular type of toilets. They are an excellent choice for tiny houses or RV thanks to their compact design and self-containing sustainable design. People who care about the environment should also consider purchasing a composting toilet, as such toilets are the most eco-friendly of all models available on the market.

Look through our handy tips to learn more about composting toilets. Our reviews can prove helpful for choosing the best compost toilet system for your home.

What is a Composting Toilet?

A composting toilet is a waterless or dry toilet that uses an aerobic processing system to create manure out of human feces. Such units can be installed directly in the bathroom. They are a great option for ecologically aware people who know about the benefits of recycling.

Composting toilets have become popular for bathroom installation only recently. Previously, they used to be popular only in outdoor locations that are characterized by scarce water and no drainage. However, they can come in quite handy indoors, especially if you have to face the issue of limited space in the bathroom. They take up even less space than most compact toilets.

Composting toilets can come in quite handy for gardeners. They make a natural fertilizer out of solid human waste, which you can use to enrich the ground in your garden. That is why they are also called humanure toilets.

How Does a Composting Toilet Work?

Composting toilet systems have two separate containers – one for urine and one for feces. They create manure out of excrement due to the natural bacterial activity. Two main requirements should be followed in order for this process to be successful: good ventilation and warmth. If the vent system is sufficient, it evaporates all the water from feces, which complies about 90% of its formula. Dehydrating human solid waste reduces its size and odor. A warm environment is pleasurable for bacteria as it makes them grow faster and increases their activity. Feces are mixed with an organic material – peat moss, coco coir, a compost accelerator, or other material of your choice. After the process of composting is complete, the manure looks and smells more like soil than poop. So if you are a squeamish person or think that composting toilets are gross, you need not worry.

Advantages of Composting Toilets

  • They help reduce water consumption due to the fact they do not flush. That, in its turn, will help you save considerable amounts of money on your water bills. According to Conserve H2O, toilets are responsible for nearly 24% of water usage in any household.
  • With a composting toilet, there is no bad smell at all. Thanks to the venting system, all the air from the toilet goes outside. That means that odors are eliminated in a blink of an eye. Whereas with standard toilets there is always a need of air deodorizers.3c02e0e8aa0f675e33dde260e95f5d85
  • Composting toilets are more eco-friendly, as they do not increase the amount of waste that affects drinking water. They are not connected to a sewer and do not require a septic system in order to work efficiently. With one of the best composting toilet systems, you can process your toilet wastes.
  • They are a real catch for gardeners. The solid humanure that is the end product of the composting process can be used as a natural fertilizer that can be used to enrich the soil in the garden. This excellent organic fertilizer will make your garden flourish.
  • Such toilets can compost toilet paper, too. No matter if you use standard toilet paper or compostable toilet paper for septic systems. You can throw the paper into the reservoir without fears.

Top Three Best Composting Toilets 2018

1. Villa from SeparettVilla from Separett

This stylish unit is one of the best composting toilets available on the market today. This waterless model is a perfect choice if you care about the environment. If water conservation is one of your main goals, this composting toilet is just the thing for you. This unit is complemented by a child toilet seat and two containers with lids.

The Villa toilet from Separett is great for households with AC or standard electrical power. There is also a model for those whose houses are powered by solar batteries. This toilet is urine-diverting meaning it creates the most favorable conditions for composting. This unit has a look that resembles standard toilets. It will look great in any bathroom.

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2. Self Contained Composting Toilet from Nature’s HeadSelf Contained Composting Toilet from Nature’s Head

This unit looks just like a regular toilet. However, that is not so. This is a stylish composting toilet with a minimalist design that will look great in any bathroom décor. You can buy the unit separately or order installation as well. Both options are available.

This self-contained composting toilet is a urine-separating dry unit that will help you create an excellent fertilizer for your garden. This model is extremely durable as it has been designed for use on boats. However, this does not mean that it is suitable only for marine environments. It works just as great with residential bathrooms.

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3. Dry Composting Toilet from Nature’s HeadDry Composting Toilet from Nature’s Head

This user-friendly toilet with a durable molded design is user-friendly. It is easy to install, as it is not connected to a sewer or water supply system. The innovative design of this unit can offer a flawless performance for many years. It can have many possible places of application – your home, cabin, RV, outdoor locations.

This dry composting toilet from Nature’s Head is a perfect choice for a house with a tiny bathroom. The main features of this unit are its stainless steel hardware, a sturdy construction, and a user-friendly design. This model is complemented with a vent hose, a bottle cap, and a standard power plug.

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